Our Workshops

Every second Saturday, we run a workshop that focuses on a specific creative discipline. The workshop is hosted by an acclaimed creative leader in their field, who does a presentation and gives the learners an assignment. But it’s not a once-off. We encourage hosts to keep in touch with the students long after the workshop for more guidance and advice.


The first workshop of the year. 

In this workshop, we spent the session talking about goals. We introduced the students to a variety of creative disciplines and asked them which ones excited them the most.


Democratising photography. 

The photography industry is very exclusive. This workshop was about breaking the barriers to entry and inspiring students to consider photography as a career.


Democratising the art of film 

The Filmmaking workshops cover every facet of production. We also include scriptwriting and by the end of the year, each student will have worked on a real commercial for a pro-bono client.

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